MTS Converter

Convert MTS to Zune for better video playback


To convert MTS to Zune compatible file format use MTS converter tool. This tool is efficient enough that converts the entire video without any loss.Read More...

Convert MTS to RM to share MTS videos on Internet


MTS is a video file format that is not supported by each media player. Thus you need to convert MTS to Rm to make it playable on other media player.Read More...

Ways to deinterlace Sony DSC-TX7 MTS to Xbox 360


If you want to play MTS videos in Xbox 360 device use AVCHD MTS converter to convert MTS into Xbox 360 supported files. This converter tool is efficient MTS converter tool.Read More...

AVCHD MTS converter is the premium solution to convert MTS to iPhone 4


Convert MTS to iPhone 4 using AVCHD MTS converter. This tool is specifically built for this purpose and is know to be a perfect solution for the conversion of MTS videos.Read More...

AVCHD MTS converter easily converts MTS to iPad 2


Are you unable to view MTS video in iPad 2. You can convert MTS to iPad 2 using a reliable and trustworthy MTS converter tool.Read More...

Use AVCHD MTS converter tool to convert mts to apple intermediate code (AIC)


AVCHD MTS converter is one of the best conversion tools that convert mts to apple intermediate code instantly and without any loss of data.Read More...

Convert MTS to TS to play MTS video on PC


AVCHD MTS converter allows you to convert MTS to TS video format and view them in any portable media player. It’s simple and intuitive interface makes the conversion easier. Read More...

Convert MTS to SWF file with MTS video converter


If you are looking for some application to convert your MTS video files then your search ends over here. MTS video file converter is the perfect tool for conversion of MTS video files. Read More...

Rip or convert MTS to Mp3 file with AVCHD MTS converter


MTS to MP3 converter is best solution to rip MTS audios to MP3 format with the excellent sound quality. So, download the tool and rip your favorite music from MTS file. Read More...

Convert MTS to RMVB video format to improve picture quality


If you desire to convert your MTS video files and looking for a conversion tool then you can surely use Mts converter which is popularly used for this purpose. This professional software is very economical and easy to use. Read More...

Convert MTS to FCE to perform video editing process


AVCHD MTS Converter makes it possible to import MTS to FCP. This prominent converter performs the conversion process effectively. You can convert the MTS video file in any of the file format that FCE supports like MOV, HDV, DV, MPEG – 4 etc. Read More...

Convert MTS video files to PSP using MTS converter


To convert MTS to PSP make use of MTS convert and convert the MTS file to the file format that is supported by PSP. This will enable you to enjoy MTS video files in PSP devices. Read More...

MTS to PS3 converter enables you to import MTS files to PS3 Mac


MTS is a popular file format that is designed specifically to be used in camcorders of Sony, Panasonic and Canon. It is a video file format that supports high definition videos. PS3 is a successor to PS2 and PS series. It’s the third home video game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment. The biggest selling point of PlayStation 3 is its Blu-ray and high quality video era. Read More...

MTS to ASF converter makes complete conversion of MTS video files


MTS is a video file extension used with AVCHD video file format. Most of the Sony, Panasonic and canon video digital camera or camcorder support MTS file format. If you desire to transfer these video files from the camcorder and play them on your computer then you need to convert MST to ASF file format. Read More...

MTS to MPEG 2 converter offers flawless conversion of MTS to MPEG 2 video.


The concept of digital photography has entirely changed human life. The newly launched HD camcorder build with futuristic features offers quality pictures. These camcorders use AVCHD video file format for the video files stored into it. Read More...

Convert MTS file to Xvid with MTS to Xvid converter


Video is a technology that presents a sequence of still images in a scene in motion. It performs functions like capturing, processing, recording, storing, transmitting and reconstruction of still images.Read More...

AVCHD MTS Converter: best MTS video converter tool


MTS files are Advance Video Code High Definition video file that are specifically designed for high definition digital camcorders. MTS files are based on MPEG – 2 transport stream that supports up to 1080i video format. You can extend its size up to 2GB. These files have been created by brands like Panasonic, Canon and Sony. Read More...

Emicsoft MTS converter Software Review

September 10, 2010

Emicsoft MTS converter is one of the upcoming powerful and wonderful software. It has been designed not only for the novices but is better for the professional also who are interested in the in converting HD videos into some other popular file format Read More

Get MTS Converter Review

September 7, 2010

Mts Converter is one of the most excellent and professional software that can easily convert the Mts files in other audio and video file format. The converted video file provides perfect audio/video quality that is also in 300% faster speed. Read More

How to convert Mts video to Adobe Premiere Pro?

August 26, 2010

It is known that the Mts is the HD camcorder video file format and due to this reason it often does not accept the most of the video player and editor. Manu users want to import or edit the AVCHD Mts footage in Adobe Premiere Pro on Mac. Read More

Edit AVCHD MTS files for Mac

August 18, 2010

Generally users want to know that is there any software that can edit the AVCHD easily. So to fulfill this need users can use one of the most professional AVCHD Mts Converter. Read More

Easily Import AVCHD Files to iDVD

August 10, 2010

iDVD is one of the most nice and free program which is available on Mac OS for burning movies into DVD. This program supports some common and most popular videos such as mpeg, mov, mpeg4, 3gp, dv, m4v, h.264 so this means that entire QuickTime supported video files. Read More

Convert AVCHD Mts to HD formats for Snow Leopard

August 4, 2010

Now-a-days many users who use Panasonic, Canon, Sony and JVC want to convert and capture their AVCHD videos to the most popular HD formats. This is mainly because they want to enjoy the videos in high definition such as Apple TV or some other portable devices on their Snow Leopard. Read More

How to convert AVCHD to Apple TV on Mac

July 28, 2010

Apple TV is a small form factor network appliance designed to play digital content originating from the YouTube, iTunes Store, MobileMe, Flickr or any Mac OS X or Windows computer running iTunes onto high-definition widescreen television. Read More

Easily import Mts to iMovie

July 22, 2010

iMovie is the Mac OS X only application and can be used only as Macintosh applications. iMovie is one of the best video editing software application which can be easily used by the Mac users to edit movies in home. Read More

Easily import AVCHD MTS to FCP Mac

July 14, 2010

Final Cut Pro is compatible only with Mac OS X version; it is professional non-linear editing software that captures the video in the hard drive (either external or internal), it also allows the user to edit and process the video. Read More

Convert MTS to iPad on Mac OS

July 7, 2010

iPad is one of the most wonderful tablet computer which is designed and developed by Apple. Generally people likes this portable gadget because it works like portable video player in which people can enjoy the video as and when required. Read More

How to Convert MTS to QuickTime

April 10, 2010

There are few applications such as iMovie in which you can not the view the videos taken by AVCHD Camcorders which are Sony, Panasonic and Canon. For seeing the files in iMovie you are needed to convert your video files to the format of QuickTime. Read More

Convert mts to youtube and view your videos online

April 7, 2010

Nowadays many people preferred to make use of Digital Camera such as Sony, Canon and Panasonic to shoot videos. These cameras supports high mts format videos. One can view his favorite videos anytime in the camera. Read More

Use Powerful free mts file converter

April 3, 2010

MTS File Converter is one of the powerful and ultimate conversion tools for video files. This is such a professional converter that allows free conversion of all types of file formats. Generally many users get their videos clicked by using the Digital Camcorders. Read More

How to Convert MTS to iPhone?

April 1, 2010

Today many people are making use of iPhone in their daily life. With having iPhone all the time with them can make them to view the videos on iPhone only. But if you have got your videos on your Digital camera than it would not be possible to view the videos on iPhone. Read More

Conversion of mts files with Mts h 264 for Mac OS

Mar 30, 2010

Are you facing problems in viewing your mts video files in your portable device player? You cannot directly open your files in the player. Than it would be possibly impossible for you to get enjoy with your video files. Read More

Get easily Convert MTS to MKV file format

Mar 25, 2010

MTS is a highly defined stream video file format that is commonly used in many of the HD Camcorders of Sony, Panasonic and Canon. The Camcorders make use of MTS in the form of AVCHD. This is exclusively made up for Camcorders. Read More

Make a Conversion of MTS to Windows Movie Maker

Mar 22, 2010

There is a large group of people who are fond to have the latest Camcorders with them. Nowadays there has been launched few good branded Camcorder in the market. Many of the users who keep on changing the various video files in different formats Read More

Conversion of MTS to Flash videos with MTS to FLV Converter

Mar 20, 2010

There are many users who would have the Sony, Canon or Panasonic Camcorder. In these camcorders videos are recorded in the mts file format. But for all those who wants to make their videos share with their online friends need to have mts to flv converter. Read More

How to convert Mts to iPod?

Mar 17, 2010

iPod is one of the portable video player with which all people can better enjoy with their all favorite videos at anytime and anywhere. Nowadays you can find many people having an iPod with them. Many users make use of the latest camcorders for taking the videos. Read More

Conversion of files in mts format with Panasonic mts Converter

Mar 15, 2010

Have you got your new Panasonic HDC-DX1 model and had saved many new pictures of your recent tour. The Panasonic Camcorder is really great, this has all latest features and had large memory space to save entire pictures and videos. Read More

Canon avchd converter for Canon avchd Camcorder users

Mar 11, 2010

Have you saved some of the interesting pictures and videos of your delightful journey in your Canon Camcorder? But unfortunately you cannot view the files on any other video player as this supports the high definition file format of .mts. Read More

Perfect conversion of mts videos in mpeg format with MTS to Mpeg Converter

Mar 10, 2010

MTS is the file extension of the AVCHD video file type. This can be even called as the Advanced Video Codec High Definition. Mainly Sony and Panasonic Digital Camcorders make use of this codec. Generally MTS Files are not well compatible with the many of the video programs. Read More

Sony MTS Converter – Great Converter for MTS Video Files

Mar 9, 2010

Have you make use of various types of media player for mts videos but still not satisfied? Are you still in search of any excellent kind of solution for playing your favorite mts videos? Do you want to have a converter for converting different format videos on Mac?Read More

Make MTS Video editing easy with every Editing Software

Feb 25, 2010

MTS is a popular HD camcorder video format which is rarely accepted by the Video Player. For converting the MTS Files there is needed for the files to convert it in that file format only. Generally many times while converting the videos there is needed to do editing in the video files. Read More

Convert MTS Files by MTS File Converter with great sound and image

Feb 22, 2010

Digital Photography has now transformed the way of living of all individuals. With HD Camcorder one can have the great quality pictures with them. There is a latest developed video file format for HD Camcorders i.e. AVCHD. Mts is the file name extension of this file format. Read More

MTS Player for AVCHD MTS Files

Feb 18, 2010

Regular user of AVCHD camcorder must know about the MTS Video files. MTS save down all HD videos. For playing the files users are required to have a high tech player that can easily play all MTS Files as these files cannot be played in usual Media Player. So, MTS Player is used to play all types of video format files. Read More