Convert MTS to RM to share MTS videos on Internet

Nowadays most of the camcorders manufacturers provide AVCHD video file format for their camcorders. They are virtually modified MPEG-2 Transport Stream video format. AVCHD videos support MTS file extension recorded by HD camcorders. You can play your MTS videos either in the camcorder itself or in a player that supports MTS file format. There are very few media players are available that supports MTS video files. Thus to play MTS video files you need to convert it to some other file format. You can convert MTS to Rm to make it playable on other media player.

AVCHD video file format is used for recording high definition videos. Since 2006 AVCHD video files were co developed by Sony and Panasonic camcorders. But now apart from these two brands many camcorders brands supports AVCHD format. For example camcorders like Hitachi DZ-BD10HA, Canon HF S200, and JVC GZ-HM1 also utilizes AVCHD video format exclusively. AVCHD has been designed specifically to be compatible with Blue-Ray disc format. In spite of that not all Blu ray Disc players are not compatible with AVCHD videos. Thus to play your AVCHD video stored in MTS format it is required to convert MTS to Rm.

RM is a media file that is used by RealPlayer to playback audio and video files. This file format is commonly used for Internet videos and radios. Players that support RealMedia are available in wide variety. Thus it would be useful to convert MTS videos files in RealMedia file format. Therefore by converting MTS to RM you can enjoy your video works on your mobile phone and can share them with your friends and family on internet.

To convert MTS to RM you can broadly use AVCHD MTS converter. This converter tool supports conversion of MTS videos to any other file format including RM, AVI, WMV, VOB, MOV, M4A etc.

Some other key functions of AVCHD MTS converter are:

  • Supports extraction of audios and pictures from video file
  • Offers fast conversion process
  • Set the output to device like iPhone, iPod, DVD, Apple TV, PS3 etc
  • Provides a preview of the converted files
  • Allows you to customize videos by size, quality, etc

All these features make AVCHD converter a perfect tool for the conversion of MTS video files. Thus if you have MTS video files and cannot view them in other media players you can use MTS converter tool to convert MTS video file and to play them in other players.