Ways to deinterlace Sony DSC-TX7 MTS to Xbox 360

In the present scenario camcorders are very much in demand by people. This is all because of its advance and powerful technology. The video recording feature of this device enables user to capture video as well as audio. The video taken from this device support AVCHD format. AVCHD is a standard video recording format specifically made for camcorders of Sony, Panasonic, and Canon. But gradually this file format is now supported by almost every camcorder. These camcorder stores the AVCHD video using MTS file format. If a user wants to view MTS videos captured from Sony DSC-TX7 in recently purchased Xbox 360 then it is required to convert MTS to Xbox 360 file format.

Xbox 360 is the successor of Xbox. It is the second video game console developed by Microsoft. This device is integrated with several unique features that distinguish it from other gaming console. The Xbox Live feature of this device allows user to play online video games, download game demos, arcade games, etc. The Windows Media center of this gaming console enables you to play music, watch movies, videos, TV shows etc into it. Therefore if you desire to view MTS video files to in Xbox 360 you need to convert MTS to Xbox 360 supported file format.

MTS is a video file format used to transport high definition video file stream. MTS is the file format used for AVCHD videos in camcorders and M2TS is used for the same video file in computer. In spite of acquiring such spectacular specifications MTS files cannot be played in every multimedia device. This is the biggest limitation of MTS file format. Therefore if one needs to play his MTS videos in Xbox 360 then it is required to convert MTS video file into the file format supported by Xbox 360 device. Xbox 360 supports AVI, MPEG 4, H.264 and WMV video file format. Therefore by converting MTS files into any one among these file format you can make your MTS video playable in Xbox 360.

To convert the file you need a converter tool. You can completely rely on the use of AVCHD MTS converter tool that is specifically engineered for this purpose. This converter tool in an all in one tool that merge, edit, deinterlace and convert MTS to Xbox 360 supported file.

To convert MTS files follow the steps demonstrated below:

  • Download and install AVCHD MTS converter tool and run in your Pc
  • Select Add Video to load MTS video files
  • Then click on Profile drop down list and select output video file format (in this case Xbox 360 file format)
  • Click on Start to begin the conversion process and click on OK to finish the process
  • At last click on open in the bottom middle and get the converted MTS file